RV Site Rates

Back-In Sites Include 30/50-amp electric hook-ups

Includes year-round access / storage for your camper 

Water is turned On in April Off in October 

Enjoy Free Wi-Fi, Hot Showers and Clean Restrooms during your stay

WendyWorld LLC
Rules and Tenant Responsibility


  • No violence, threatening behavior, weapons, firecrackers, or fireworks.

  • Be respectful of others and their property. Avoid walking through other campsites.

  • Fires must be contained and extinguished when unattended.

  • Water / Waste must be emptied into the dump station (not on ground) by the office.  

  • Keep the general area around your camper well maintained, with items stored outside the trailer either kept neatly on your deck or under your trailer. No tent camping or excessive stacking of firewood allowed in campsite.

  • Do not bring firewood from more than 50 miles away (prevent invasive species).

  • Do not feed wildlife. 

  • No underage consumption or use of illegal substances.

  • Smoking is prohibited in the restrooms and showers. Please keep the facilities tidy.

  • Pets are prohibited in the showers and restrooms. Pets must be leashed, and their waste must be picked up and properly disposed.

  • Quiet hours are from 11pm until 8am. 

  • No solicitation of any goods or services.

  • Vehicle speeds should not exceed 10MPH in the campground. 

  • No more than two motor vehicles are permitted on a campsite.

  • No utility trailers, ATVs, golf carts or boats in the campground other than unloading.

  • No washing of vehicles, boats or campers in campground. No washer/laundry hook- ups in use in your camper.

  • Any new structure, whether it be a deck, roof, etc., must receive approval before construction. Any changes to the site we rent to you, including gravel, fence, plantings, satellite poles etc, must be approved by Owners before any work commences. 

  • Do not dispose of appliances, furniture, or construction materials in the campground dumpster.  The dumpster is for normal day to day waste.

  • No signage allowed (political or not), except “For Sale” sign.

  • Tenant may not rent or assign the lease or site to anyone else. Owners must be notified of camper sales. Campers 20 yrs or older must receive Owner approval to stay in camp.

  • When leaving the campground after a stay, all power must be turned off at the power box unless extra electricity fee paid.

  • All tenants must use the electrical fitting provided. No taping, splicing or alteration of electrical system will be tolerated. Any attempt to use nonapproved connections is grounds for eviction and will incur the repair expense.  

  • Any theft or intentional damage to WendyWorld Campground property or to other tenants’ property will result in immediate eviction.

  • Please report abuses of grounds, issues with campers or problem guests to owners at 814-395-2474