RV Site Rates

Back-In Sites Include 30/50-amp electric hook-ups

Includes year-round access / storage for your camper 

Water is turned On in April Off in October 

Enjoy Free Wi-Fi, Hot Showers and Clean Restrooms during your stay

WendyWorld LLC
Rules and Tenant Responsibility

All tenants will abide by all federal, state, and local laws, regulations, ordinances,
and resolutions. A Tenant may be evicted for any of the following reasons:

  1. Second or subsequent violation of the rules
  2. Change in the use of the premises, or intent to cause harm to WendyWorld
  3. Non-payment of rent or tenant abandons the premises without owner consent
  4. Disorderly or illegal conduct or destruction of WendyWorld property or facilities.
  • Tenant(s) agree that owner is not responsible to Tenants or their guests or
    invitees for any/all injuries or damages caused by intentional or negligent acts of
    the Tenant(s), their family, or their guests or representatives or agents
  • Tenants may not assign the lease or site to anyone else.
  • WendyWorld rental agreements are annual agreements. Any departure or sale within the rental year constitutes forfeiture of rental fees and deposits
  • Lease agreements are annual (1 year) agreements, subject to renewal with consent of owners of WendyWorld. Owners of WendyWorld may revoke the lease with written notice, subject to violation of the rules and terms of agreement.
  • Management reserves the right and privilege, after notification, to move, dismantle or remove any structure or personal property upon eviction.
  • No firearms bow or arrows or any other type of weapon at the sites.
  • NO firecrackers or fireworks allowed at any time,
  • All tenants are responsible for their fire rings and fires and must completely extinguish unattended fires when leaving or going inside for the night.
  • THERE IS NO DUMPING OF WATER/WASTE FROM TRAILERS. It must be disposed of at our dump station. Anyone caught dumping wastewater otherwise will be evicted immediately, and subject to fines and penalties.
  • No solicitation of any products, goods, or services within the campground.
  • No utility trailers, ATVs, golf carts or boats are to be in the campground at any
    time, other than for purposes of being unloaded.
  • No washing of vehicles, boats or campers in campground. No washer/laundry hook- ups in campers.
  • No fences of any kind may be erected
  • Pets must be on leashes and owners must clean up after them. No animals ever to run free or be tied up unattended. Owners take full responsibility/liability for their pets and violations, and that they are on leashes and avoid other animals.
  • No pets or animals allowed in any of the campground buildings.
  • Campers who are signed on the yearly lease are responsible for the
    actions/behavior of their guests. Problems are assumed by the lease holder
  • Tenant will pay for any damages caused by Tenant, Tenant’s family, and guests
  • No excessive use of alcohol and no consumption by anyone under the age of 21, as per Pennsylvania law
  • Quiet hours begin at 11pm and extend until 8am. Please be respectful.
  • All tenants are responsible for the appearance and upkeep of their site. Trailers and surrounding areas which fall into disarray and are not maintained, are subject to warning from owners to clean up or remove camper and forfeit fees
  • No feeding of animals or wildlife in campground, nor are bird feeders allowed.
  • No excessive stacking or storage of firewood allowed around campers.
  • No disposal of decking, large refuse, appliances, furniture, excessive trash, or construction materials at campground or in dumpster. Camper must remove any such materials from their area and dispose off-site. Subject to penalty if violated.
  • Dumpster is for normal household garbage from your campground stay only.
  • Any decks or additions must be approved by owners and county zoning before construction and must meet size restrictions of 8′ or less in width.
  • WendyWorld owners to be notified if a trailer is for sale. Other than “For Sale” signs, no signage allowed, political or otherwise, on WendyWorld grounds
  • When leaving the campground after a stay, all power must be turned off at the power box unless extra fee paid, or owners can switch off.
  • All tenants must use the electrical fitting provided, 30 amps /trailer. No taping, splicing or alteration of electrical will be tolerated. Any attempt to use nonapproved connections is grounds for forfeiture of lease, additional fees, and
    removal of trailer. This is a fire hazard and will be taken very seriously.
  • All vehicle speeds through the campground are 10 MPH or less to avoid
    accidents and children playing. All guests must abide also or be asked to leave.
  • There are no tents, canopies or sheds allowed on individual sites. Any satellite dishes or installations of any kinds must be approved by owners in advance.
  • WendyWorld’s annual rental agreements are for pull behind trailers only. No pop -up campers, park models, tents or motorhomes are allowed.
  • WendyWorld owners reserve the right to refuse admittance to campers older than twenty years, subject to pictures and review of exterior conditions of camper.
  • Tenants who dispose of bulk items like bicycles, furniture etc., tenant will pay fines and additional dump fees. No fish parts in dumpster.
  • Tenants are responsible for the supervision and safety of their own and guest children playing on the premises, whether in the playground or other areas
  • Guest fees, for both children and adults, is $3/day and must be paid. A guest is anyone not residing at the permanent address of the site holder, visiting at Wendy World, whether they visit during the day or stay overnight.
  • Any tenant planning to vacate their site, must provide written notice 30 days prior
  • Tenants are responsible for their own trailers and property, and the insurance of them. An insurance waiver must be signed.
  • Any defacing or damage of WendyWorld property is grounds for eviction.
  • All tenants must submit changes in address or phone to owners in writing, during the term of their lease, for emergency contact purposes.
  • Please report abuses of grounds, issues with campers or problem guests to owners and they will handle. Do not take up with other campers…report to owners.
  • No streaming TV or movies on campground internet, as it will overload usage. Campers can obtain their own service if they so choose